Mystery Hacker Strikes Again!!!!

In a stunning development, a mysterious writer has posted actual content on  The site, supposedly an area to share news and ideas pertinent to the Warde community, has lain dormant for many months.  However, this hacker has reinvigorated the site by posting the story being read at this moment in time.

“I’m astounded!” exclaimed co-adviser, Mr. Michael McGarry.  “I thought this site had gone the way of the T-rex, which is extinct, but paradoxically roaming the halls of Warde during Senior Spirit day.”

The mysterious hacker, who seems to have an inside link from the editorial staff of the student news organization, has motivations known only to themselves, however experts agree that the hacking is most likely a desperate plea to the Focus staff to create real content on the site that would help keep the Warde community entertained and informed.  “The Focus could be a fun, informative, and important resource for the school community.  Sadly, our staff is too busy dressing up like dead presidents to get any actual content created and posted on the site,” Mr. McGarry bemoaned, hardly containing the tears welling in his eyes.

Who knows if the desires of the mysterious hacker will ever be fulfilled?  But we do know one thing, keep an eye on to find out more!


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