As of Monday, February 20th, it has been confirmed that three of the Warde Indoor Track and Field athletes will be attending the New England meet in Boston. Eleven members of the team competed at the State Open meet in a variety of events which was held on that day. […]

Track Athletes Head to New England’s!

Almost everyone can remember the wonderful feeling of attending Relay for Life when in middle school – the Fairfield Ludlowe track full of friends, the Luminaria ceremony that always made everyone cry, the music being blasted as the bright lights on the field turned on. The experience was one that […]

Relay for Life: Not Just for Middle School

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that it’s time to enjoy some sweet treats. Here are three simple recipes that almost anyone can enjoy and can be prepared in only a few minutes.   Chocolate Sponge Mug Cake Makes 1 serving and ingredients can be doubled for […]

Sweet Treats for Chocoholics

by Sara Burkhart, class of 2018 I really enjoyed the U. S. History trip to Gettysburg led by Mr. D’Acosta on October 28 because it allowed me to understand a Civil War battle in detail.  Visiting the battlefield and cemetery was an overall wonderful experience that affected me greatly.  I […]

The Witness Tree at Gettysburg: Mr. D’Acosta’s Class Visits Gettysburg

Now we all know that 2016 was, well, it was a year, to say the least. However, no one is prepared for the terrible year that 2017 will be. People have so much hope in the future, and in the fact that 2017 cannot possibly be any worse than 2016. […]

2017: An Unredeemable Year

Even in the stress of the Carillon concerts, we were granted the opportunity to sit down with the FWHS band director Mr. Marsland for a comedic interview. Below we ask him a series of questions, of which never really had anything to do with the concert, but should still give […]

Focus Interview with Mr. Marsland

According to, Audry Palvac, a four year old girl who is fighting cancer, was given the chance to kick off the Christmas holiday by putting up an amazing light display! Unfortunately, a girl of just four yeas of age named Audry Palvac is currently fighting cancer and has already had to endure multiple surgeries. […]

Four Year Old Kicks of Holidays With A Bang

With just a few weeks left in the calendar year, one question has been coming up again and again: was 2016 the worst year ever? Some optimists have attempted to point out other bad years in the history of humankind, but 2016 just has it all. For example, the unrelenting […]

2016: the Worst Year Ever

On December 10th, the largest debate in the history of the Connecticut Debate Association was held at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE) in Stamford. The controversial resolve was, “Should the US join the International Criminal Court?” With 8 of Warde’s own teams debating, the day was filled […]

Warde Debate Team Wins Final Debate

Multicoloured retractable pens- These pens are by far the most versatile and useful pens. They can be used for annotations, color coding, and taking notes. They even have the option of black ink, so regular writing is also possible. Like everyone’s favorite leprechaun, Mick McGarry, vibrant colors are so plentiful it’s […]

The Blur: Reviewing the Top Pens of 2016