2017: An Unredeemable Year

Now we all know that 2016 was, well, it was a year, to say the least. However, no one is prepared for the terrible year that 2017 will be. People have so much hope in the future, and in the fact that 2017 cannot possibly be any worse than 2016. They are wrong. So many other people have completely given up on any good things happening this year. Many terrible things have been planned for 2017 (and this doesn’t even include politics). The emoji movie is going to come out this year and I am frightened by the possibility of its outcome. I predict it will be real .

To start, older generations are starting to realize that internet culture is not going anywhere and that they need to adapt to it, while also starting to believe that they understand the internet. They even seem to think they can make memes cool. This new surge of older folks to the internet is a travesty to its culture. The generational gap here is evident, and we millennials would like to keep it that way. Hey dinosaurs, maybe you just stick to shuffleboard and bingo.

Now, the Instagram explore page. Taken over by ‘oddly satisfying’ videos and pics of desperate, ‘insta-famous’ girls it’s no longer a place to find things you might actually like. It only shows big trends people used to be interested in. This is a bad omen for the future of this year.

Additionally, with the constantly changing societal standards, people claim that they believe that all people are beautiful no matter what they look like, while corporations like Snapchat play to our insecurities by offering filters that make you look like you’ve never missed a day of your skincare regimen (even if you don’t have one). Hand in hand with that, magazine covers and the media continue to photoshop models into their idea of perfection, and though people complain about this, they still buy into these things. They purchase the magazines and watch the TV shows. They contradict their words with their actions and help to grow this media stream. I like to believe that people truly believe all the things they spout about loving your body, and every body type being great (as long as you are healthy and take care of yourself). However, it is becoming increasingly hard to believe in these things, seeing as the people who advocate for them don’t even believe it.

Seeing as all these terrible things are taking place in 2017, it is truly unsavable. Of course, this doesn’t mean we should all just give up, but we should all definitely lower our expectations, a lot.

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