Following the rapid spread of the Omnicron variant during December 2021 and a large Covid surge among students and athletes, the CIAC made the decision to enforce mask mandates on all winter athletes, with the exception of wrestlers during the time of competition in their matches. Athletes who had hopes […]

The Masked Evolution of Winter Sports

Warde Boys Soccer Wins “Swedish Cup,” beats Rival Ludlowe:  The Warde Boys Soccer team did not disappoint this week, rising above their cross-town rival, the Fairfield Ludlowe Falcons, in what was a huge match. This past Tuesday, October the 12th, the boys took the field and hoped to add to […]

Warde Sports in Focus 10/11-10/16

Home Game Highlight; A Night to Honor Kevin Kuczo: Football played their first home game of the season on Tetrau-Davis field Friday night (10/1), facing off against West Haven. The Warde Stampede, as well as Ludlowe’s Nest, came out in droves to show their support for not only the Mustangs, […]

Warde Sports Summary 10/4-10/9

On the field or rink, Caroline Pratt is a pensive, communicative player.  Her awareness is a floodlight, revealing the quirks of her opponents for a smooth interception only moments later. It is most notable, though, that she enjoys every second of the game and the hours in between, regardless of […]

Caroline Pratt Excels as Three-Season Athlete

Spring sports: what to expect amidst vaccinations and the COVID-19 pandemic.   With COVID-19 cases at an all time low, and vaccinations at an all time high, restrictions have loosened and spring sports ready for play.  On April 10th high school athletes will be able to resume their spring sports […]

CIAC: What’s the Word with Spring Sports

A game with the girls’ soccer team includes strong energy from the bench, strong outside footwork, clean connections between the midfield and defenders, and aggressive speed down the sideline. Each game, the athletes played as if it was their last because it very well could’ve been.   They came out […]

In Review: Girls’ Soccer 2020