Photography by Sarah Green. On Monday, May 9, students from Warde’s AP Art classes participated in the AP Art Showcase in Warde’s Main Lobby. This annual event offers AP Art students a platform to exhibit their creativity of all mediums to the Warde community. The student presenters included Orion Levy, […]

Warde Holds Annual AP Art Showcase

Dune (2021) – Denis Villeneuve “Dreams make good stories, but everything important happens when we’re awake.” Dune was originally considered one of the least film-able books of all time, but Dune (2021) managed to pull it off perfectly. Dune (2021) is a science fiction movie based off of Frank Herbert’s […]

Movie Review: Dune (2021)

“There’s something about the quality of the picture that a disposable camera produces that I love,” said Anka Dixon, a senior at Fairfield Warde. “Our expressions are never forced and it captures the moment perfectly, as there is only one take.”  Teenagers seem to be fascinated by the way their […]

Have You Hopped on the New Photo Trend?