Warde Holds Annual AP Art Showcase

Photography by Sarah Green.

On Monday, May 9, students from Warde’s AP Art classes participated in the AP Art Showcase in Warde’s Main Lobby. This annual event offers AP Art students a platform to exhibit their creativity of all mediums to the Warde community. The student presenters included Orion Levy, Emma Shaughnessy, Dimitri Kambas, Sophia Ceconi, Maddie Foster, Ella Cummings, Sophia Minogue, Rena Patten, and Maximo Rivano. Each student artist at the Showcase displayed work from portfolios for one of the three AP Art courses offered at Warde: AP 2-D Art and Design, AP 3-D Art and Design, and AP Drawing. Each AP Art course presents students with different cirricula, however, all meet during the same block, offering vast opportunities for collaboration.

Not only did the AP Art Showcase serve as a conduit for awe by the artists’ peers, it further welcomed recognition for the artists. While many art class projects adorn Warde’s halls, not often are the artists’ faces attributed with the work they create. One AP Art student, senior Orion Levy, shared that the experience was particulary “special” for him. While at the Showcase, one group of students approached his table to share that they had recognized one of the pieces at his table from where it hangs in the hallway. To Levy, this encounter, however brief, “showed that the art means something to the community” and that “what they had been putting so much work and so much time into was appreciated.”

The AP Art Showcase highlighted not only the talent of Warde students, but their dedication to creating. To each passerby, the artists and their art served as ambassadors for the value of creativity and the power and necessity of inventive expression.

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