Samantha Renzulli

Attached find a link to the PDF of The Warde Focus June 2022 – Volume XVII Issue 3. Contributions by: Samantha Renzulli, Eleanor Jacobs, Sarah Green, Mary Harvey, Evan Papageorge, Karina McMahon, Sreejita Patra, James Cunningham, Lily Conklin, Sabrina Cassano, Julia Zagar, and Alexa Papageorge. Click link: Focus Graduation Issue […]

The Warde Focus June 2022 – Volume XVII Issue 3

Photography by Sarah Green. On Monday, May 9, students from Warde’s AP Art classes participated in the AP Art Showcase in Warde’s Main Lobby. This annual event offers AP Art students a platform to exhibit their creativity of all mediums to the Warde community. The student presenters included Orion Levy, […]

Warde Holds Annual AP Art Showcase

On Friday, September 3rd, Warde’s Senior Class was surprised with Alene’s Ice Cream truck following its announcement by Paul in Thursday’s homeroom. The presentation of this event was accompanied by generous statements from Paul and teachers that this was to be an exhibition of excitement for the start of the […]

A Sweet and Hopeful Senior Surprise

The Warde Focus is incredibly excited to start off another school year with our mission: keep Warde informed. To do that, Warde’s student-run paper needs passionate students like you! To produce a paper and maintain a media presence, many integral components are needed and we are looking for students to […]

Get Involved With Warde Focus

Failure is a parasite. On impressionable cerebral foundations, failure is an autocratic instructor. In school, its instruction dictates students’ progression. Students evolve to accommodate and avoid failure–through grades, discussion, and instruction–so that fear of imperfection becomes the authority, ultimately stagnating the perception of what’s possible.  Students are taught a static […]

Failure in School is Failing our Futures

By Samantha Renzulli and Sarah Green When Capitol riots and Inauguration anticipation exploded political sentiments across the US and world, Fairfield Public School and Warde leaders assumed the responsibility of addressing how classroom conversations could ensue. In Warde’s microcosm of collaboration, reactions to Warde’s simultaneous facilitation and regulation of discussion […]

Controversial Conversations: Warde’s Response to the Capitol Breach & Inauguration

‘Tis the season. No, not yet of Christmas but of a new generation of drivers. As frantic new drivers take to Fairfield’s streets, there are some rules of the road that are neglected here at Warde: our Hallway Traffic Laws. Alright so maybe the Freshman are new, but no matter […]

Havoc in the Halls