POP Club Holds Book Drive to Support Audubon and Sustainability

On Tuesday, April 26, during all three lunch waves, Warde’s POP (Protect Our Planet) club held a used book drive in front of the cafeteria. Students could be seen on both sides of the two folding tables covered in books with club members encouraging commerce and curious passersby inquiring or purchasing. This initiative was led by senior Emi Kozeracki and supported by a number of POP club members.

The books for sale were a product of Kozeracki’s community outreach. She shared, “I collected books that were going to be thrown out from libraries, from family friends, from schools, things like that.” Kozeracki then mobilized club members to make posters and encourage their peers to show up and donate. The goal, as Emi publicized, was “to promote reusing books rather than constantly buying new ones.” All of the proceeds will be donated to the Fairfield Audubon Society for their bird sanctuaries.

The POP club was founded by Emi Kozeracki with the help of Maddie Foster, Lily Rodier, and Noelle Aube in 2019. The goal of the club, as conveyed by Kozeracki, is to “take action in our community and school to promote sustainability, conservation, and being a young environmentalist.”

The POP club meets during Activity Periods. The group hosts community fundraisers, beach cleanups, creative art contests, and more to support their noble mission of promoting active sustainability efforts and community involvement.

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