I want to end things with my girlfriend. What’s the least painful way to do so? I’ve personally never broken up with someone, but trust me, I’m an expert. Some of the most foolproof options are: Have your mom email her mom. Say it with a song; ideally “I Gotta […]

Ask an Amateur

After a long, harrowing first year of high school, sources confirmed last week that Fairfield Warde freshman Nick Grillo has diagnosed himself with senioritis. “Ugh, I think I have senioritis,” groaned the fourteen-year-old to his stand partner in concert orchestra upon remembering that he had to memorize a two octave C […]

Local Freshman Self-Diagnosed With Senioritis

  Q: Do you bite or break your Hershey’s bar? A: Break   Q: How do like your coffee? A: It really depends, if it’s iced coffee then caramel cream and sugar, if it’s hot coffee then just cream and sugar   Q: Do you say caramel (cara-mel) or caramel […]

Senior Feature: Addy Pedro

The new Netflix television show 13 Reasons Why is by no means a pleasant show to watch. After all, the plot revolves around a teenage girl committing suicide and leaving behind a series of cassette tapes that explain how a group of people and the series of events that they caused […]

13 Reasons Why: Why Not?

     “This year’s budget is the perfect storm,” said Thomas Flynn, a 12-year member of the Fairfield Board of Finance at the public hearing on the possible cuts to the education budget for the coming 2017-2018 school year. On Saturday morning, the town had its annual event where members […]

Budget Cuts Bring Concern

Boy’s freshmen basketball team are having a great year. Watch the video to see for yourself.    

Freshman Basketball Team

Fairfield Warde prides itself on living up to its well-known acronym: welcoming, academic, respectful, dynamic, and ethical. Among the five pillars that we balance in order to create a wonderful school community to be a part of, it is the dynamic days that many students look forward to. One of […]

Warde Day Gets New Theme

La La Land was slated to be one of 2016’s best flicks, earning a whopping 6 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes, and 5 BAFTAs. The movie was gorgeous and energized, filled with some of our favorite stars and immersing us into the dream-like LA night life. And yet, the excitement seemed to […]

Whitesplaining: The Real Issue with La La Land

It is time to decide on what courses to take next year and while Fairfield Warde offers many electives, a business course should be one of the most important to consider. Mrs. Danso, a business teacher, was interviewed on her thoughts concerning the importance of Business classes. Mrs. Danso was […]

Reasons Why Students Should Take a Business Course

Local theater group Broadway Method Academy has been putting on fantastic performances since it’s start in 2014, and their most recent production has only continued this trend. This past weekend, they took on the show Little Shop of Horrors, a delectable sci-fi horror musical with an electrifying 1960s pop/rock score by […]

Local Theater Spotlight: BMA’s Little Shop of Horrors