There is often a common sentiment expressed by high school students when it comes to making a difference: “Yeah, but what could I actually do?” The #NeverAgain movement is changing that. Inspired by the actions of high school students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida where a […]

Editorial: Why Student Protest is so Valuable

Most of members of the FWHS student body and faculty have heard by now something or other about the #NeverAgain Movement brewing in the halls, as the student walkout occurred only days ago. There are many opinions about the organization: some positive, some negative, some neutral, and most of them […]

#NeverAgain Movement at Fairfield Warde High School

The Fairfield Fencing Team, with students from Fairfield Warde, Fairfield Ludlowe, and Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Magnet School, wrapped up the season with many notable successes. The Women’s Foil squad, consisting of Akshitha Maddula and Amy Ngaopraseut from FWHS and Madison Lee and Chloe Girard from FLHS took home the bronze […]

Fairfield Fencing Team 2017-2018

If any school knows how to truly spread the love, it is Fairfield Warde. Hope everyone had a happy and loving Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day at Warde 2018!

Here are some highlights from the Winter Sports Pep Rally last week!

Winter Pep Rally

Three years ago, the block schedule took Fairfield Warde by storm, bringing lunch to all students without limiting their ability to take electives. The then new schedule also allowed for students to focus on fewer classes each day, and the longer periods made it easier for larger activities to be […]

New School Year, New Schedule Changes

With the marking period winding down and the fall play a distant memory, theater students at Warde are scrambling to prepare for their spring musical auditions. The musical, Sondheim’s Into The Woods, features many strong, desirable roles. Everyone from Cinderella to Little Red Riding Hood makes an appearance in the […]

The Role Causing Our Students to Have a Cow

By: Marissa Russo and Rishika Sau Have you ever heard of the abbreviation GOAT? If you have not it stands for the greatest of all time. What makes something a GOAT is it has to be well known and liked by lots of people. The classification of GOAT could be […]

GOAT Thanksgiving Food

Have you ever heard of the abbreviation GOAT? If you have not it stands for the Greatest of all Time. What makes something a GOAT is if it is be well known and liked by many people. The classification of GOAT could be used to describe a multitude of things such as foods, […]

GOAT: Scariest Movie