What Gets You in a Bell-Ringing Mood?

The acceptance bell is a newfound tradition for Warde seniors where they ring it to celebrate their most enviable accomplishment: leaving high school. However, in between bouts of senioritis (i.e. when they’re actually in the building), some have decided to ring the bell for what they are actually most proud of in the month of May instead.


Here are a few of the reasons the bell has been rung so far.


1. Showing up to class on time (give or take five/twenty minutes; “The clocks are usually two minutes late anyway.”)

2. Doing homework (or any classwork that’s not totally mandatory/summative)

3. Only drinking three charged drinks from Panera during the day (“I promise it’s not that much caffeine!” )

4. Raising their hand in class (to ask to go to the bathroom, but it’s something)

5. Attending any club post college acceptance (even if they’re president)

6. Opening the Google Classroom app (it’s the thought that counts

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