A Sweet and Hopeful Senior Surprise

(Left to Right) Seniors Emma Fekete, Ellie Michael, and Lily Rodier

On Friday, September 3rd, Warde’s Senior Class was surprised with Alene’s Ice Cream truck following its announcement by Paul in Thursday’s homeroom. The presentation of this event was accompanied by generous statements from Paul and teachers that this was to be an exhibition of excitement for the start of the year.

Forty minutes to the end of fourth period on Friday, seniors filed out of school early and energetic for their privileged treat which was free to the class as provided by the red wristbands received in homeroom. Students could be seen filing into line, finding friends to chat with, and enjoying their Strawberry Shortcakes, Push Up Pops, and Chipwiches in the warm September sun. 

Among murmurs of joy, some students expressed curiosity for the deeper motivations of Warde’s staff. Was the truck an apologetic gesture or a sign of hope for the year? Most hope for the latter. Following the past two years when Covid restrictions impeded many typical senior traditions, developments in vaccination efforts and strong efforts of faculty and teachers to prompt adherence to rules induce hope that such activities will happen. 

Tentative (and perhaps tenuous) claims of “we’re trying” and “we’re hopeful” have been made by teachers to students regarding trademarked senior events such as dances, badminton tournaments, concerts, and more, though what the future holds is no one’s certainty 

What we do know, all too well, is that “normal” has become a concept so distorted that it can no longer be used as a metric for our year. Seniors will just have to savor the sweetness of this beginning of the year treat, and hope for the best, whatever that may be.

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