Have You Hopped on the New Photo Trend?

“There’s something about the quality of the picture that a disposable camera produces that I love,” said Anka Dixon, a senior at Fairfield Warde. “Our expressions are never forced and it captures the moment perfectly, as there is only one take.” 

Teenagers seem to be fascinated by the way their parents lived in the ’90s.  They say it reminds them of pictures they’ve seen from their parents and want the experience for themselves.  An experience that can take away the aspect of a perfect picture for social media or the editing and filters that are on most pictures today.  It’s also an opportunity for teens not to obsess over how they look, and is a result of more feel good pictures that want to be shared.  They’re ‘candid shots’, as teens would say.  

“It’s an old school thing,” said Gianna Pulito, a senior at Warde. “But it makes super cute physical photos you can have forever.” 

With technology now, teenagers have their pictures right at their fingertips. Most teens have never experienced what it’s like to actually wait for the results of a picture.  

There are many types of disposable cameras but the most popular companies are Kodak and Fujifilm.  These cameras can be bought at most convenience stores like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, or even Target.  Each classic disposable camera comes with film for 27 pictures and are one time use only. However, there are also refillable disposable cameras that can have the film changed in them whenever is needed.  These cameras are cheap as well, only 13 to 15 dollars per camera.  Plus, you can get your film developed at the same convenience stores where cameras can be bought.  

What’s so great about disposable cameras is that they require less skill and hassle than any other professional camera, but the pictures still look authentic and capture the imperfect moment in a perfect way.  That’s another reason teens love disposable cameras so much.  

Teens aren’t the only ones bringing disposable cameras back in style; there are many celebrities who have also hopped on the trend.  Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hidad, and David Dobrik have disposable cameras as well.  

“It’s intriguing to buy because the camera is not only advertised by so many influencers,” said Anka, “But it also acts as a small memory capsule and when you print out the pictures, they often come as a surprise because you don’t know what they look like.” 

After pictures are developed, teens use their photos to relive memories.  Some even then go and post their photos to Instagram or other social media platforms to show them off.  For teens, this allows them to see the trend and get involved. It also has given teens something new to explore, especially during quarantine and during the times of COVID-19.

“I think what makes them so interesting is the feeling of belonging with others who used it.” said Emma Kelly, a senior at Warde. “With the disposables, we are able to join the trend of hundreds of other teenagers around the U.S., and with COVID-19, it was something new to try and explore with.”

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