CIAC: What’s the Word with Spring Sports

Spring sports: what to expect amidst vaccinations and the COVID-19 pandemic.


With COVID-19 cases at an all time low, and vaccinations at an all time high, restrictions have loosened and spring sports ready for play. 

On April 10th high school athletes will be able to resume their spring sports careers and return to play amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One gets déjà vu preparing for each season; it seems like athletes have been through this process with every season and sport. Constantly questioning the guidelines, their effectiveness and practicality to individual sports.

There’s nervousness and anticipation from spring athletes who didn’t get a season last year. Some seniors lost time and the opportunity to play in college, but will be looking at whatever is ahead positively. 

This spring season is of the utmost importance.

“It will be the first spring season in two years for these athletes,” said David Schulz, FCIAC commissioner and interim athletic director at Fairfield Warde High School.

“The protocols vary for each district” said Schulz when asked about a scenario in which a spring athlete tests positive. “The way we handle it may be completely different from other schools around the state.” 

For all outside sports active competition is maskless. For sports like track and field it’s an on and off game, while lacrosse is maskless for the duration. Indoor boys volleyball will still be required to wear masks as they are most at risk for transmission.

The idea of fans in the stands is one we are now unfamiliar with and one that students long for. 

Each athlete will be granted two parent passes to be checked at the entrance of FCIAC events. The optimist could think that as leniency and the decline of cases continue, the possibility of a student section in the bleachers will become more of a reality.

Athletes are excited to get to play and get some precious mask-less time with their friends.

“It’s been too long for some of us to play our main and favorite sport. We are just looking to play; playing maskless is a good bonus, ” said RJ Ihlfeld, senior lacrosse Captain.

Lacrosse, track and field, softball, baseball, golf, and boys volleyball will experience the most normal type of season to be had this year.  All will be happy to make up the lost time taken by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the state tournament back in the mix, teams look to further their legacy in sports and go for it all. Having something clear to look forward to, these spring sports have a feeling not shared with the sports seasons before them this year.  

This season matters.

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