A Teacher Thank You: There is a Tree Growing in Lower Fitts!

Lower Fitts is home to two classrooms, fairly close in proximity, in which the cumulative brain power of the teachers is unbelievable. Mr. Pollex, Mr. Cehovsky, and Mr. O’Brien make up a trio of enlightened individuals that I believe, if the given the opportunity, could change the world.

There are few people that one encounters in their life who give them confidence in humanity. These men go above and beyond that standard every single day. The way I see it, there is a hierarchy to the skill level of “world-changers”. Bringing up the rear (still far ahead of most of society) are those who exhibit an unusual amount of knowledge and insight about the world and its struggles. Next are the people who embody this same level of knowledge and use it to confront those struggles. At the zenith of this order are those who not only confront problems but encourage and teach others how to do it too.

In copious instances, I’ve seen each one of these teachers create and give students the motivation, knowledge, and ability to change the world. Their minds are brilliant, their skills endless, and their kindness immense. For the better part of a year, I questioned why none of them ran for a political position until I realized that it wasn’t necessary. They change the world by changing our lives. They open the doors to the bastion of knowledge to which they add each day and send us off in the hope that we will change the world.

Unknown to many outside the confines of the Fairfield Public School system are the three greatest world-changers I know. Their names will most likely never be famous, but their greatness will live on perpetually. By changing the lives of their students, they live on beyond their years. The root of change, knowledge, and greatness grows feverishly in the basement of Fairfield Warde High school and spreads seeds across the world year after year.

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