Battle of the Houses 2022

Warde hasn’t been able to host Battle of the Houses in over two years due to Covid-19, and students were elated to see its return in 2022. During the Battle of the Houses, Warde’s three houses, Pequot, Townsend, and Fitts, each designate representatives to compete in fun and exciting activities and challenges. Faculty members were also excited to be included in some of the fun festivities. Warde students were sad to see the Battle of the Houses go when the pandemic began, so its return engendered much excitement from students to join together for a day of super school spirit. The majority of students committed to showing off their support for their houses. Students could be seen wearing tutus, necklaces, and even colorful make-up as adornments to outfits to support their house. 

A lot of students in Townsend and Fitts were hoping to take down Pequot and put their two-time winning streak to a halt, but in the end, Pequot once again crushed the competition. While house representatives put up strong fights in games such as Kan Jam, basketball shoot-outs, and tug-of-war, Pequot was ultimately victorious.

Battle of the Houses is a great event for building school spirit and creating a fun and lively school community. Everyone was very excited to gather in the gym and cheer in support of their house. One Warde freshman supported this sentiment, sharing, “I think the Battle of the Houses is a fun way to engage all of the students at Warde and it’s fun to watch the students compete.” 

A number of students have agreed that the Kan Jam game that was played during Battle of the Houses was a fan favorite, and should definitely be brought back next year. Students enjoy not only playing but also watching this lively game. The school spirit exuded during the Battle of the Houses was ultimately inspiring and provided a window into Warde’s active community and welcoming atmosphere. It was great to see students so passionate about Warde’s spirit and community, and students can’t wait until next year. 


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