Building a Literary Community: The Readers Book Club at Warde

Warde has a book club?

With over fifty clubs and activities enriching Warde’s campus, finding one that not only piques your interest but also keeps you coming back can be a daunting task. Enter the ‘Readers Book Club’ (RBC), affectionately referred to as ‘Book Club,’ founded by Co-Presidents Lily Conklin and Sabrina Cassano.


You might think that assigned books and SparkNotes are the extent of reading you can handle, but according to esteemed member and Warde Sophomore Kyla Lam, RBC offers a stress-free atmosphere to unwind and, most importantly, have fun.

PICTURED-Lily Conklin and Sabrina Cassano at Warde’s 2022 Activity Fair

So, what exactly happens in this book club? According to Lam, they rank characters, predict plot twists, and even debate the ideal height requirement for a male love interest—nothing is off the table.

“We have the freedom to discuss not only the current book but also past reads and TV shows we’ve all enjoyed. We’re constantly sharing recommendations,” Co-President Lily Conklin said.

The club convenes every two weeks, beginning with a brainstorming session where everyone’s interests, from genres to aesthetics to tropes, are explored. Selecting the next book to read is a collaborative effort, ensuring that everyone has a say.

“It’s a really fun time,” Lam affirmed.

In the first two weeks after picking a book, the club’s aim is to reach the halfway point and discuss their progress (spoiler-free for those who aren’t caught up). When they finish the book another two weeks later, they share their thoughts and select a new one, continuing the cycle.

While you might think a whole month is a long time to finish one book, it’s intentionally forgiving.

“Everyone reads at different speeds, so four weeks strikes a balance between coursework and reading. We want RBC to be a fun extracurricular, not a stressor,” Conklin explained.

But what truly sets the RBC apart, according to its members, is the sense of community it fosters.                                      

The ‘Readers Book Club’s last meeting of the 2022-2022 year


“When I got to Warde, I was shocked they didn’t already have a book club. I wanted to build that reading community in Warde and Sabrina(Cassano) agreed. In book club, I feel like we’re all one big group of friends and it gives us the time to take a break from our academic demands,” Conklin shared.

Sadie Knox, another member, chimed in, “It’s the people that keep me coming back every two weeks, even when I’m tired or busy.”

For Kyla Lam, the RBC offers something she’s never had before in school—a community of people to discuss books with. 

Conklin believes that the club’s all-girls environment contributes to this shared sense of comfort. 

“While we would never want to exclude anyone, the fact that we share similar interests creates a welcoming, non-judgement atmosphere,” Conklin said.

So, if you’re a BookTok addict or a Barnes & Noble enthusiast searching for motivation to read amidst the chaos of high school, the Readers Book Club might be just what you need. In the end, as Lam enthusiastically proclaimed,

“It’s a fantastic opportunity to read more books, discuss them, and enjoy some donuts while doing so.”

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