Fall Aesthetics: A comprehensive review

Fall is definitively the best season. It maintains its superiority simply because of its incredible aesthetics. So, as Fall comes to a close, I’ve decided to provide my insight so you can continue to enjoy your favorite fall aesthetics and items all year round. I’ve already done the most aesthetic thing that you will find in this article: put the items into categories. These categories consist of food, music, activities, and of course, books, because I wouldn’t be staying true to myself if I didn’t include my obsessions in what is supposed to be primarily focused on Fall. Enjoy!



Pumpkin Spice Latte

Honestly not my favorite, if you’re craving pumpkin you’d be better suited to a muffin or some pie. I mean seriously, candy corn tastes more pumpkin or at the very least Fall-like, than this. 

Aesthetic: When you’re looking for something that reminds you of Fall but tastes like whipped cream and disappointment

Aesthetic Rating: 4/10

Reasoning: Advertising is everything but it can’t save Pumpkin Spice Lattes 


Pumpkin Pie 

Aesthetic: If you’re on a mission to figure out what pumpkin tastes like and don’t want to eat an actual pumpkin or go anywhere near seeds

Aesthetic Rating: 8/10

Reasoning: Even though it’s the only pumpkin item that deserves to be on this list, items can’t be rated by comparison. And ok, pumpkin pie might be widely acceptable and slightly beloved in the Fall, but if something is never heard of until a certain time of the year, it’s fair to say it’s at least a little questionable by default. 


Apple Pie 

Aesthetic: Fall personified: warmth and gooey(hate the word but perfect descriptor for the situation) apples topped with vanilla ice cream

Aesthetic Rating: 10/10

Reasoning: Even if you need a scoop of ice cream to get through a slice we can all agree apple pie is a literal Fall STAPLE. Where would we be without a nice, warm piece of apple pie on a day that’s between 45 to 70ish degrees (depending on what personality Fall decides to adopt to that day)?                         

Apple Cider Donuts 

Aesthetic: When you want something that tastes more like cinnamon than any of its title descriptors

Aesthetic Rating: 20/10

Reasoning: I’m not going to pretend as if this is the most aesthetically Fall item on this list, but I will state that it’s unquestionably the best. Seriously run or make your way via hayride to your local apple orchard to see it in its full and genuine form.



Music is one of the many areas where Fall shines, but it’s all about how you perceive Fall as an aesthetic. Is Fall a time for crying about some story in a 3-minute song? Or is it about walking around listening to Taylor Swift as the leaves are falling? Fall has plenty of options for either(or both) preference but these are just some of my top choices.

Oddly Specific Aesthetic: I paid attention to the lyrics and now I’m sad


Cleopatra by The Lumineers- Aesthetic Rating: 9/10

The Story of Us by Taylor Swift- Aesthetic Rating: 8.5/10

Champagne Problems by Taylor Swift- Aesthetic Rating: 10/10

Overall Aesthetic Rating:  



These songs are simultaneously heartbreaking and sing-along worthy which honestly describes how I feel about Fall as a whole

Oddly Specific Aesthetic: Walking around mysteriously as the leaves fall 


Dark Red by Steve Lacy- Aesthetic Rating: 10/10

Looking Out For You by Joy Again- Aesthetic Rating: 8/10

Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer- Aesthetic Rating: 7/10

Overall Aesthetic Rating: 


Oddly Specific Aesthetic:  The best Fall song that deserves its 10 minute version 


All Too Well(Taylors Version) by Taylor Swift 

References to Know: Falling autumn leaves and an unreturned scarf

Overall Aesthetic Rating:




I’ve got a book for every situation, and Fall aesthetics are no exception. Here are books that scream Fall either in their titles, setting, or just overall vibe.

Title: ‘If We Were Villains‘ and ‘The Secret History’

Aesthetic: Dark Academia but make it murder
Aesthetic Rating: 15/10
Reasoning: If pretentious college kids fated for disaster in the form of a murder ‘mystery’ within their friend group doesn’t get you in the mood for Fall, nothing will.

Title: ‘November 9th

Aesthetic: Guy writers can’t be trusted
Aesthetic Rating: 10/10
Reasoning: I admit I choose this book primarily because of the literal title. This book is about two main characters who meet on the same day every year (I dare you to guess which one) and simultaneously fall in love and get heartbroken all in FALL. This book is a necessity to experience the full Fall aesthetic properly.

Title:Frankenstein‘, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray‘, ‘The Bell Jar‘, and ‘Rebecca

Aesthetic: If Fall for you means reading classical pretentiousness
Aesthetic Rating: 8.5/10
Reasoning: If you think of Fall as mysteriously reading some old book, then let’s be honest these are your only options. Well maybe not only, but the ones most true to the Fall aesthetic.


Apple Picking

Aesthetic Rating: 10/10

Reasoning: Apple picking is the embodiment of what everyone thinks when they think of Fall. Since it’s November unless you want to pick leaves from the orchard’s trees, it’s probably not the best option. But it’s still home to what everyone goes for anyway: the apple cider donuts.


Aesthetic Rating: 9/10

Reasoning: I honestly do not care if reading is your thing, you can’t tell me that sitting with a book as whatever Connecticut does in the Fall goes on in the background is NOT aesthetic.


Aesthetic Rating: 9.5/10

Reasoning: We all know that baking isn’t about the journey but the end result, though the overall aesthetic of Fall while baking an Autumny baked good doesn’t hurt. Baking just gives off warmth, and that’s all Fall is, warmth(on the brink of intense cold).

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