Four Year Old Kicks of Holidays With A Bang

According to, Audry Palvac, a four year old girl who is fighting cancer, was given the chance to kick off the Christmas holiday by putting up an amazing light display!

Unfortunately, a girl of just four yeas of age named Audry Palvac is currently fighting cancer and has already had to endure multiple surgeries. However, a charity organization in Connecticut noticed and stepped in to give Palvac joy this Christmas, something that everyone deserves. The Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, along with Christmas Wish CT, a non profit organization that gives gifts, food, and warm cloths to people in need across Connecticut, awarded Palvac this year’s, “Christmas Angel”. At Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut Palvac lit the Christmas tree and kicked off this year’s house party.

The house party did not only help Palvac, but warm cloths are being sent out and Santa visits are being scheduled for over 220 unfortunate children across Connecticut.

Even though organizing the entire event took a full year, staff members told eye witness news, the joy in the kids eyes made it all worth it. One person even stated, “You know what it’s like. I’m going to be honest with you. It’s when your a child and you came down for Christmas morning and you saw that Santa had visited and everything was under the tree, it’s the exact same feeling”. A staff member from Christmas Wish Connecticut, Mike Stacy added, “It’s really, really wonderful”.

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