Shout It From The Rooftops

An overwhelming number of classes have been cancelled these past two weeks, so many that the school can’t hold the displaced students. The lunchroom, small gym, and library have been filled to capacity, leaving only the auditorium as overflow.

Students are questioning where their absent teachers are, and why there are no subs. With seemingly no substitutes and limited class space, options were limited.

An email from the administration just announced that some cancelled classes will have the opportunity to be held on the roof of the school. Included was a map of how to gain access to the roof and where each ‘classroom’ will be.

“It seems dangerous,” the administration admitted, “but we are taking precautions to keep our Warde community safe. There is not enough space nor manpower in our building to hold these classes anywhere else.”

Although the danger has been noted, the school administrators made a point to mention the kind of advancement that this new protocol brings.

“It really shows how dynamic we can be as a school, especially being the first to have classes on the roof here in Connecticut,” they released in their statement.

Security measures will include a rope barrier on the edge, teachers spotting from the roof and the courtyards below, and desks bolted down to the roof to protect against gusts of wind. Workers have recently been spotted carrying up supplies, and preparing the classrooms for next week.

Just this morning, test batches of students were taken up to the roof to get a sense of changes they would need to make in distancing. Teachers were horrified when students began to throw paper airplanes, paper clips, and pencils at the people eating lunch in the courtyard below. Regardless, classes will still be held up on the roof, just with more proctors and shields along the edge, similar to those in the cafeteria.

After years of freshmen being lied to about classes on the roof by seniors, their dreams will finally be coming into fruition.

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