Warde TV’s New Anchors

Good Morning Fairfield Warde! Here’s Isaac Liu and Lulu Diaz, this year’s anchors for Warde TV! Liu and Diaz are seniors this year, and sat down to talk about their experience so far.


Why did you want to be the anchors for Warde TV? Why together?

Liu: I could tell that previous anchors had a lot of fun working on Warde TV, and I thought that I’d be a good fit in the role. Lulu and I have been friends since freshman year, and I thought it would be fun to bring our own influence to Warde TV. Over the years we’ve had numerous ideas while watching Warde TV, and now that we’re finally seniors, we can add our spin.

What surprised you when you first started?

Diaz: We were surprised by how much work goes into every episode, and how collaborative it is with all members of the production team.

How much time would you say you put into this?

Diaz: About two hours a week.

How much of your own ideas go into the production?

Liu: We definitely have a large influence on the script. We have a group of four writers who all collaborate on the script: both of the anchors, Niam Kothari, and Mike Chapin. Once that script is approved by Mrs. Gartsu, we put it into the teleprompter program for the recording session.

I’ve noticed that the style has changed this year in comparison to the last three years. What brought this on?

Diaz: Just a couple of fresh faces in the production crew! I also would say Isaac and I have our own style of story telling and news reporting. At the end of the day, we’re trying to remain professional while also taking on a more laid-back, lighthearted, and fun approach.

I’ve noticed that the episodes have been a lot more humorous. What are your goals with the comedy aspect?

Diaz: Having watched Warde TV for three years, we’ve noticed that sometimes the episodes aren’t always played by some homeroom teachers. People tend to forget about the episode, or even start it late. We’ve been trying to give homerooms a real reason to want to go back to the episode. If we have recurring enjoyable segments, then students and teachers will be looking forward to weekly episodes.

Are there any new segments you guys are starting this year?

Liu: Emily Sforza and Alex Lynch are creating a monthly segment when they highlight current events locally and around the world. That’s it for new ones, but we’re always looking for students with new ideas to come in and let us know, whether it’s monthly or even just once. We’re open to people coming in with advertising ideas as well. In the grand scheme of things, Warde TV is for the students.

What do you want people to know about Warde TV?

Liu: We’re very open to students not directly involved in Warde TV to have an influence in the stories we’re telling. We want to highlight some great student work.

What are future plans for Warde TV?

Diaz: We’ve definitely been experimenting with the format of student spotlights this year, and really trying to highlight some of the great work done in the Warde community. We also plan to do a lot more on-scene reporting, whether that’s with sports, or including more field reporters. We’re trying to get out of the studio to get a more authentic feel to the production.


Make sure to tune in for Warde TV on Fridays in your homeroom!

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