Warde’s Spanish Classes Visit the Museum of Contemporary Art

This past Friday, a number of Warde’s Spanish classes went on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art, or MoCA, an art museum in Westport. Following their visit, they went to a Spanish restaurant, Valencia Luncheria. There were two freshman classes and two sophomore classes, led by Señora Mairech and Señor Taylor. 

MoCA had a lot to offer. They had many different galleries from all types of artists, especially those with a concentration in modern art. Additionally, one gallery was filled with artwork made by students in grades 9 through 12. It featured a wide range of art, from dresses to clay, paintings, and even photography. Each piece was inspired by the theme of dreams, in whatever form the students chose to interpret it. 

Another gallery featured a collection of modern art by Paul Camacho. Paul Camacho was a Hispanic artist who studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York. His work was so interesting to look at, and abstract in a way that everyone had a different perspective on its interpretation. The colors were bold, and the lines were defined. He also drew many self-portraits, in “casso” style (out of proportion) that held so much meaning. He was a very successful artist, his art having sold for thousands of dollars. Overall, the museum was inspirational and insightful.

Valencia Luncheria was located in Norwalk and decorated with bright colors. There were lights and garlands, along with artwork of the ocean shore. The menu offered empanadas, along with chips and guacamole. Every student had a pick of two empanadas, and there were many options such as beans and cheese, beef, chicken, spinach, and even chocolate. They were all delicious, cheesy and deep fried perfectly, and enjoyed by all

 At the end of the day, students were sad to leave. It was educational and interesting, and the food was so good. It was a nice break from the normal routine of school, and students took away a greater understanding of the connection between art and culture.

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