Welcoming Mr. Diaz, a New Face at FWHS

When coming into this school year, we knew there would be a lot of new changes, maybe even new staff. Walking in the hallways, you’ll see many new faces. One in particular is our new teacher, Mr. Diaz. 

Mr. Diaz teaches in the business department. His way of teaching is having personal connections with students, such as talking about music, clothing brands, and even shoes. He likes to help keep his classes engaged in everything they do. 

“Once I went to college I came to the realization that I always wanted to help students that may be facing the same issues that I had while I was in high school,” said Diaz. 

Diaz wasn’t always a fan of school like many kids are today. He had struggled in behavior, not trying in class, and self doubt. As time went on, he got help from teachers that really cared about his success and future. From all the help he got throughout his years in high school, he tries to do the same for students who have similar struggles.

“I never actually tried to be good in my classes and I was constantly in the principal’s office,” said Diaz. “… I was told by many teachers that I would never graduate from high school and that my behavior would get me in trouble. Even though I had many behavior problems, I always had many teachers who tried to help reach my potential while being in school.”

The words ‘motivating’, ‘dedicated’, and ‘innovative’ are three words that can describe him as a teacher. He has a very creative mind, and tries to find new ways in connecting with the students to help keep them fascinated in the classroom. Every morning he likes to start class with a question. It could be what their favorite season is, what their favorite fast food restaurant is, best shoe brand, etc. You can never get bored in a class with Mr. Diaz. There is always something to help keep you motivated and intrigued. 

What mostly led me to teaching is showing students that no matter what you can achieve anything you put your mind to and it’s not about how you start your education but it’s about how you finish,” added Diaz. “Once I heard about an opening at FWHS I decided to apply because I heard that the school had awesome students and that the staff in the building is really nice. I am so glad I made this choice because I am really enjoying my time here in the school and all of my classes are amazing.”

Outside of teaching, Diaz loves to go hiking with his family and friends. He is also professional karate fighter; he has traveled around the world doing this sport. 

I grew up in a rough neighborhood so my family wanted to make sure I knew how to defend myself. Ever since I was 5 years old I have been doing karate. I am a 1st degree black belt and I have my own karate school that I teach at after I get out of teaching at FWHS. I am a world ranked fighter and a welterweight world champion,” Diaz explains. “I have traveled all across the world fighting in different arenas and in front of all audiences. In the karate world my nickname is “ El Cucuy” which means The Boogeyman in Spanish. They gave me this name because I am considered everyone’s worst nightmare when they step in the ring with me.”

While Mr. Diaz may be a teacher, he is a person who can definitely help you when you need it. When you need help with problems on your worksheet or even with your real life issues, he will never fail to give you advice. While you walk the halls of lower Fitts, you should definitely pop into the marketing class and say hello. 

Obstacles are only placed in front of you to make you a better person. Always have a mind over matter approach, which means if it’s not on your mind then it doesn’t matter,” said Diaz.

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