What’s Going On With WardeTV?

With the start of the second marking period, many students have adjusted to the changing conditions that come with a new school year. For the returning members of the Warde community, however, some of you may feel as if something has been missing from Warde’s weekly routine. I am of course talking about the homeroom hallmark of Warde TV. Where is it? Why hasn’t it played during Friday homeroom? Was it canceled? Has my homeroom teacher just forgotten to access it? Is Jeremiah Massillon still interrupting people’s lunch blocks to ask the latest question of the week? Worry no more concerned students, all will be answered in this informational piece.


First and foremost, be assured that WardeTV is still being actively produced, and it is indeed heading to a homeroom class near you soon. That being said, it will be a little different. Last year, Warde’s Mrs. Gartsu retired after a long and honorable career both as Warde’s beloved T.V. Studio teacher and as WardeTV’s advisor. Due to this change in leadership, WardeTV has taken its time getting into the swing of things. 


Regardless of the delay, here’s what we know for sure about the upcoming season of WardeTV. The club is currently governed by two advisors, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bonazzo. Additionally, Ms. Selk will help produce the news packages of her Broadcast Journalism students. But what about the student members? Each year in May, two rising Warde senior’s are chosen to be news anchors for the upcoming season. This year’s picks are Danny Michael and Cameron Sandoval, whose faces you’re bound to recognize. As for the producers, many are returning members. One of these returning members is of course Jeremiah, who will be returning as host of Question of the Week for a third year! Still, there’s also many new faces behind the camera. If you’re interested in joining the team, feel free to stop by. The club meets after school on Wednesdays in the T.V studio in the library. The Google Classroom code is vxz2avc. 


That’s all great, but with all of these changes, has WardeTV’s mission changed? A little. The current leadership team found it necessary to emphasize, outline, and establish what their goal is with this new era of WardeTV. They envision WardeTV as the monolith of Warde’s culture and school pride. Their mission is to deliver informative updates about the school to its students because to them, the unique life at Warde is worth documenting. WardeTV will dedicate it’s new talent to spending their runtime more efficiently and ensuring that episodes don’t run longer than the Homeroom period whilst staying just as packed with wit and information. Additionally, WardeTV will become a bit more technical as the crew gets more familiar with their equipment and more creative and enjoyable with its script. I can assure you that everyone is working behind the scenes to ensure that Season 17 of WardeTV is the best it can possibly be.


So, no, WardeTV is not dead. In fact the first episode of Season 17 will air tomorrow, Tuesday, November 20. We hope you’ll look forward to it and remind your Homeroom teachers to tune in. If you’ve never seen an episode before, I implore you to check out previous episodes on the former WardeTV YouTube Channel.

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