2016: Not All That Bad

Image Credit: Kiplinger.com

Image Credit: Kiplinger.com

2016 is being called one of the worst years in recent history by many, and for obvious reasons. People around the globe have been dealing with negative after negative thrown at them throughout the year. But, in my opinion, it’s best to look on the bright side. So, here are some of the things that made 2016 not that bad.

For one, 2016 has succeeded in an environmental sense. The numbers of endangered animals, like tigers and pandas, have increased, while manatees have been taken off the endangered species list altogether. Portugal ran on solely on renewable energy for 4 days straight, and a solar powered plane flew all the way around the world, proving that sustainable energy has the potential to be reasonable for everyone. Scientists are saying that the ozone layer is slowly repairing itself, making up for years of damage, and volunteers in India shattered a world record by planting over 50 million trees in just 24 hours.

Continuing with scientific improvement: doctors have pinpointed a gene that leads to ALS in many patients due to donations from the ice bucket challenge. This means that in the near future, there will be new gene therapies for the people suffering with the disease. For a social media trend many called a scam, the challenge will greatly impact people’s lives in the coming years. In addition, scientists have figured out a way to connect prosthetic limbs to the brain. This gives patients more lifelike, mobile, limbs and can greatly improve their quality of life.

The Chicago Cubs won the world series for the first time in over one hundred years, spurring on celebrations in Chicago and throughout the United States. It was announced in April that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the face of the 20 dollar bill in the coming years, marking a huge win for diversity in America.

While 2016 wasn’t the best year ever, it’s wasn’t exactly the worst. The positives might seem scarce, but they impacted thousands of people worldwide, and bettered many people’s lives.

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