Carillon: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As the holiday season approaches, one event remains a staple for Warde students and the Fairfield community: the annual Carillon concert. This year, the performance is shaping up to be just as phenomenal, and the excitement is tangible among both music department students and FWHS members who plan to see the show.

As Warde Chamber Singers member Sarah Gombos described, the show this year has been “a great experience to put together. It’s been so much fun learning all of this music and seeing the show take shape and come to life.”

Orchestra member Alex Kempton agreed, saying his favorite song this year is the annual rendition of “Sleigh Rid”: “It’s a spectacular collaboration between the band and orchestra that never ceases to amaze me and always puts me in the holiday spirit.” This energy is infectious, and the seasonal tunes that are rapidly beginning to engulf the music department seem to be its catalyst.

Fellow Chamber Singer Drew Cocozza shared this same sentiment, admitting his favorite song to be “Christmas in About Three Minutes.” “It’s so great seeing all of these memorable Christmas songs all compiled together into one great product. It’s so much fun to sing.”

Choral Director Ms. Anna Deveau-Jalbert added that she’s looking forward to the individual moments of the performance. Some songs, like The Chamber Singers’ rendition of “O Lux: can bring the audience to a “very still place,” while other pieces can bring “power” and energy to the auditorium. This contrast and range of musical ideas are truly what makes Carillon special, and that will be no different this year. Audience members can look forward to “Christmas in Sarajevo” as a powerful, show-stopping opener, Muse & Overtones’ “O Come All Ye Faithful” as an upbeat take on a popular Christmas song, and of course, “Closing of the Year.”

Carillon is seeing the return of small group performances and the introduction of a “Carillon Pre-Show,” where audience members who arrive at the night shows early can get a taste of the spectacular musicianship still to come. Each of these pieces highlight the incredible student musicians at Fairfield Warde, and will surely make this year’s Carillon another memorable experience.

As the show, and the holiday season, quickly approaches, every student in the Fairfield Warde community is looking forward to the performance. Despite being an annual tradition around this time, Carillon continues to innovate and provide incredible displays of musicianship, powerful moments of cohesion among different ensembles, and an energy unlike any other. This year will be no different.


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