Dear Olivia Rodrigo…

The number one celebrity in the country right now is taking practically everybody by storm. With her top charting hits from her new album SOUR, Olivia Rodrigo is conveying her emotions in a heartbreaking, but absolutely incredible manner. However, while many find her music incredibly relatable, how about we hear the voices of the people who cannot relate?

With her hit single Driver’s License, Olivia manages to capture every listener’s attention with her sentiments over receiving her drivers license the week prior. However, many teenagers around America simply cannot relate, for they do not obtain this seemingly essential right of teenage-hood.

Personally belonging to the section of teenagers who feel inferior due to this lack of government officiality, I have a few questions and complaints. How are those of us who cannot drive supposed to feel about this song? How are we expected to sing along whole heartedly to lines such as “I got my drivers license last week,” or “you said forever now I drive alone past your street”? Isn’t our heartbreak just as valid, even though we cannot drive through the suburbs, “crying cause you weren’t around”?

I expect answers.

Olivia Desy, an optimistic but concerned fan.

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