Warde Seniors Battle for Top Spot in Senior Assassin

May 1st is the deadline for high school seniors to submit their college deposits.

It is also the day many seniors lose motivation for their school work. 

It isn’t a secret that after one is committed to college, they think the rest of their work is not important, which only makes completing their assignments ten times harder.

To make it even more difficult for students to focus, Senior Assassin was just introduced. 

On May 2nd the games begin. 

Senior Assassin, in years past, has been a tradition for all AP students to finish out the year to celebrate all their hard work. But, this year it is open to the whole senior class. 

Maggie Farrell, senior and organizer was the one who made the decision to not just limit the game to only AP students. 

“To do something like Senior Assassin that is so unifying and fun will ease everyone’s stress,” Farrell said. 

With a year like this one, that came with a lot of anxiety, the whole class should be able to participate. 

Senior Zoe Sussman agrees. 

“It is always a great way to wind down the year and still have fun with your friends,” Sussman said. “This year the whole grade is doing it which I really enjoy because I just think we have just had such a rough year.” 

The game might sound simple, just shoot your target with a Nerf Gun, but for Finn Johnston and Maggie Farrell, there is a lot of behind the scenes work in order for the game to run smoothly. 

All players have to pay 10 dollars. Farrell is in charge of collecting the money. 80% of the money will go to the winner. 20% is split between the organizers. 

Farrell plans to donate her 10% share to the Kuczo family.

Farrell is also in charge of running the Senior Assassin Instagram. Here she will post the rules and provide updates for each round and the assassination. 

After you complete your assassination, the player is required to take a picture, video or show proof of the “kill”. Farrell will be posting this on Instagram, @wardeseniorassasian2021. 

Johnston is responsible for assigning the targets. 

“My job is to get people to sign up. Then when they text me, I am supposed to get their contact and write them in the list,” Johnston said. ”Then my job is to assign people who their assassin person is and receive if they were successful in killing who they were assigned to,” Johnston said. 

Assigning 150 people who their targets are is more work than he thought, but definitely doable Johnston said. 

Farrell and Johnston were also in charge of writing out all of the rules for this year’s game. They modified the rules from last year slightly. 

Instances in which students are not allowed to hit targets:


  • During school hours
  • At a school-affiliated function like practice or rehearsal
  • In the school parking lot
  • At their workplace
  • In their house (unless invited in)
  • While they are driving


With rules like these, it takes someone motivated to win and determined. 

“I am really excited for Senior Assassin to begin. It is going to be a fun way to spend my last days of being a Fairfield Warde student,” senior Lena Gunn said. 

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