Evan Papageorge: The Story Behind the Kid you See Everywhere

In recent years, the phenomenon that is “Evan Papageorge” has spread across Fairfield Warde High School. Currently a senior, Evan is involved in numerous clubs and activities. Take, for example, the yearbook, of which he is editor and chief, or science bowl, where he is Co-President. You could also take a gander at the mock trial competition team, which he is a Co-Captain of. These, among countless others, are on the list of his now extensive resume.
As one learns about the exhaustive list of achievements that Evan Papageorge has accumulated, one cannot help but wonder, how much is too much? Will he ever be done? Examining either one of his two independent studies on top of the workload gained from a jam-packed academic schedule (only his guidance counselor must know how many credits he has compiled), one asks, how does he do what he does? And most importantly, does he sleep? To quote Evan himself “I have gotten a negative amount of sleep. To see me unconscious would mean you traveled to the seventh dimension.”
Evan finished his final season with the Fairfield Warde Golf Team this year while simultaneously participating in Town Youth Council, Model UN, Keystone Club, Know Your Reps, a nonpartisan election research group, and a civil engineering internship. It is difficult to comprehend the magic behind his scheduling abilities. According to Evan “my daily itinerary is between me and my mind.”
It is curious to ponder how many hours of the day he is active. Supposedly, he is awake 20% more than the average Warde student.
Evan Papageorge can be seen walking the halls of Fairfield Warde High School repping the golf team in his fashionable quarter zip. Also with Evan is his 46.8-ounce water bottle named Yohan, and a backpack the size and weight of a small child, which would not be complete without his 3-hole-punch, stapler, pencil box, and electric pencil sharpener.
His endless ambition does not go unnoticed by his friends, classmates, and fellow Mustangs. “Not only was Papa a good golfer, he was an even better teammate,” shared Carson Swain, a fellow golf player and close friend. Asking around the school, students are happy to let their thoughts on Evan known. “It’s too much,” one person observed. “Obviously he’s magic,” another claimed. “I personally think that he needs more sleep,” remarked classmate Sarah Green.“Or a wellness check. Somebody needs to make sure he’s ok.” Evan’s response to this is still unknown; he is busy doing something.

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