GOAT Thanksgiving Food

By: Marissa Russo and Rishika Sau

Have you ever heard of the abbreviation GOAT? If you have not it stands for the greatest of all time. What makes something a GOAT is it has to be well known and liked by lots of people. The classification of GOAT could be used to describe lots of different things, such as a food, song, celebrity, or brand. This month, we asked Fairfield Warde students and staff members their opinions on the greatest Thanksgiving food of all time.

Maya Sikka, a sophomore said mashed potatoes are her GOAT Thanksgiving food. “It is so soft to eat, and it tastes the best with gravy and turkey!” she explained.

The second student that was interviewed was Callie Carbone, also a sophomore. Callie opted for a different food: stuffing. “It brings me a feeling of home and comfort,” she said, and Mr. Drexel agreed too!

Tintin Salman, a freshmen voted for the staple of every Thanksgiving table, the oldie-but-goodie turkey. “It tastes really good with mashed potatoes and my mom makes it perfectly,” she dished.

To switch to some of the teachers at Warde, Mrs. Frey said she made “a killer mac and cheese,” something that is always her favorite part of the Thanksgiving table. However, she also said that loves all desserts, and is made pecan pie this year to with all the savory foods on the table.

Señora Searles sided with Tintin, going with the classic turkey as the GOAT Thanksgiving food. Many other people saw this as their favorite part of the meal as well; it goes great with all the side dishes such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes.

If you ask me, Marissa, I think the GOAT Thanksgiving food is turkey, just like Tintin and Señora Searles. It is a classic and popular food, a true hallmark and staple of the Thanksgiving table. Plus, it tastes really good with all the other side dishes. For me, it leaves a great smell with in your home as it bakes with the other food, reminding me of autumn, warmth, comfort, thankfulness, and getting togehter with family. That is a smell you can only get on Thanksgiving.

If you ask me, Rishika, I think that the GOAT Thanksgiving food is pumpkin pie. I’m not exactly partial to any savory food, but if you hand me a dessert, don’t expect me to share! I love the smell of homemade pie baking in the oven, and I can still remember all the times my family and I made Thanksgiving dinner together.

There you have it, the GOAT Thanksgiving food. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with your fellow Fairfield Warde students and staff members? Do you think their reasoning supports their claims? We hope you had a good Thanksgiving! Do not forget to recognize all that you are thankful for and to eat and enjoy the wonderful food!

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