Local Teen a Little Too Hype for Gym Class

Classmates of sophomore Christian Murphy observed this past week that he appears to be taking gym class way too seriously. “I mean, it’s like he thinks its the Olympics or something. And he’s average at best anyway,” says classmate Elizabeth. Murphy yelled about rules, celebrated obnoxiously whenever he scored, and overall seemed just way too hype for high school gym, especially when no one else is even that into it.

Apparently, this type of behavior is nothing new for the Warde sophomore. “He’s always been annoying in gym,” said another classmate while rolling her eyes. “I remember in third grade he made my friend cry because she struck out in kick ball.”

Now, Christian Murphy is acting crazy in a new school with new people. “Hopefully this doesn’t last much longer, but I can’t really picture him maturing,” Elizabeth told the Warde Focus. “I mean, he does know he doesn’t have to take it this seriously, right?”

After observing one of Murphy’s gym classes, the reporter has concluded that she agrees with Elizabeth: he’s not even that great at pickleball.

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