Junior Fall Festival and Prom Updates!

The autumn equinox welcomed the fall season to us on September 22nd and Warde is ready. On November first, Warde will be hosting the Fall Festival for Juniors! Juniors can join us for 3 fall-themed hours of festival fun. The Fall Festival will begin at 6:30 pm and end at 9:30 pm. The class of 2023 advisors, Mrs.Terwilliger, and Mrs.Danso have planned this amazing festival. Mrs.Terwilliger urges Juniors to attend this awesome event; “We want to fill the courtyard with music, dancing, lawn games, food, decorations, smiles, and laughter.  It’s all about making memories.” Join us on November 1st to play games like corn hole, and eat fall foods while making amazing memories with your friends. While this event does sound like a lot of fun, it is important for students to note that this festival is exclusive to Juniors only.


Juniors, please take a moment to join the class of 2023 Google Classroom.  Use the code  ns2hhsh, or click HERE to join the Google Classroom. On the Google Classroom page, you will find lots of important information pertaining to your class, as well as updates about the Fall Festival, the Prom happening later this year, and any other events that may be happening in the future. If you have any questions regarding the Fall Festival, you may reach out to Mrs.Terwilliger, rterwilliger@fairfieldschools.org, or Mrs.Danso, adanso@fairfieldschools.org.  The Class of 2023 advisors encourage you to “not LEAF us hanging!” and purchase your tickets when they go on sale! Additionally, support your Junior class by purchasing an official Class of 2023 tee-shirt for $20.00 available in F11 and F14. Go big or GOURD home!


Looking a bit farther into the future, Junior Prom will also be happening this year! The date is set to be the mysterious Friday the 13th of May 2022, and it definitely will be a night to remember. This year’s Junior Prom will be held in the Warde courtyard. The Prom will feature grab-and-go snacks as well as a music-filled dance party that everyone can enjoy! Juniors should get excited because it looks like Warde has a lot in store for them this year! 


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