New Track and Field Coach

The Warde Indoor Track and Field season officially commenced on Monday December 5th. However, the team not only welcomed newcomers to the sport, but also a new girls head coach. Mr. Ottavio, a science teacher at Fairfield Warde High School, stepped up to the plate when it was announced that the girls track team was in need of a new coach. Ottavio, who is the throwing coach during the outdoor track and field season, is now the sprinting coach for the indoor team. His experience with the sport and with the veteran members of the team have made this change a smooth transition.

The previous track team members, while a little nervous for the change, are excited for the new possibilities that now stand before them. Junior Manar Enany, who has worked with Coach Ottavio in previous track seasons, said “I think having a coach who is already experienced with the team will only benefit us this season. I am looking forward to the success we will have”.

Senior Nicole Dunn is also looking forward to a successful season. She said “I am excited about where the season will go. I have high hopes for the team and I think we can achieve them”. Nicole is not the optimistic member of Warde Track and Field. All members of the team, male and female, are excited to work with Coach Ottavio and are excited to be a part of the knowledge and experience he is bringing to the team.

If you are thinking about joining the track team either to stay in shape or because you want a way to let out your competitive side, feel free to ask existing members or Coach Ottavio any questions you have pertaining to the sport. Outdoor track and field will start in March, so you don’t have to rush any decisions, but keep your mind open! We are a large, but extremely welcoming team with a multitude of events so you will surely be able to find your niche!

I wish the whole team and new Coach Mr. Ottavio good luck with their new season!

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