New Year, New Art Teacher

The summer sun is dwindling, and a new school year has begun. This year welcomes lots of newness, mask rules, bathroom closings, and in addition, new members of the school faculty. One of those new staff members is Ms. Woron, a teacher in Fairfield Warde’s Art Department!

Ms. Woron is an art teacher who previously taught at Roger Ludlowe Middle School. She is entering the 11th year of her career. Ms. Woron teaches the Foundation of 2D Art class as well as the Introduction to Drawing and Painting class. If you need to contact Ms. Woron, her room is F41 and her email is . Read on for the full interview: 


How long have you been teaching?

       I have been teaching for 10 years. This is year 11!

Where did you teach before coming to Warde?

       I taught elementary art in the Naugatuck school district for my first 2 years. I was split between Andrew Avenue, Maple Hill, and Western Elementary Schools. Then I came to Fairfield and taught for 4 years at Dwight Elementary. I spent the past 6 years at Roger Ludlowe Middle School.

What is your favorite thing about Warde so far?    

      I am really enjoying getting to know new staff and students. It’s also been really great to teach at this level, where the students are very interested in art! 

Who is your favorite artist? 

      I have always loved the work of Jackson Pollock. He was criticized for his abstract work but I just think it’s so cool to look at, especially in person at a museum where his paintings almost envelop you. I love that he painted with emotion over focusing on realism. 

Why do you enjoy teaching art? 

     I love teaching art because I feel like I constantly learn from my students. With every grade level I have taught, I have always been enlightened by the ideas and creative thoughts of my students, and I love that! I also obviously love making art, and when I teach I get to do that too!

Do you know where all of the open bathrooms are?

    I think so!? I know there are open bathrooms in every house, and upstairs Fitts is closed.

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