Reasons Why Students Should Take a Business Course

It is time to decide on what courses to take next year and while Fairfield Warde offers many electives, a business course should be one of the most important to consider. Mrs. Danso, a business teacher, was interviewed on her thoughts concerning the importance of Business classes.

Mrs. Danso was first asked about what the most important reasons are that a student should take business classes over other electives. Mrs. Danso responded that 60% of college graduates actually graduate with a degree in business of some type, so it is helping to prepare students for college and the real world beyond that, which we cannot say of all electives.

Mrs. Danso was then asked about what is her favorite business class is that she teaches. She replied, “I love them all, but I would have to say, right up there is probably Intro to Business and Entrepreneurship because I get to see the kids as freshman, and then I see them again as seniors, and it’s a really fun combination.”

Mrs. Danso was also asked what skills could students take away from business courses that could aid them in becoming successful businessmen or businesswomen. She answered, “We focus a lot on your presentations skills, a lot on public speaking, a lot on how to present things, which I think is very helpful going into business, or even any other profession because you have to learn how to express yourself in interviews, and I think we do a lot of those skills in business.”

Mrs. Danso also asked how participating in business courses aid them in other classes. She  responded. “I think that we teach a lot of things that you can use in other classes, and we teach all the office programs, we teach you presentation skills, we teach you how to address your audience when you’re speaking, and I think that those  things  can carry over and help you in a lot of your other courses.”

Mrs. Danso was lastly asked if any students who took business classes created and ran their own businesses. She replied, “We have a ton of students with businesses. We have some who created their own charities. We have some who run their own landscaping businesses. I know another student is going to take over a plumbing company based on a lot of the skills he’s learned here in business. He wants to run it eventually. So, we have a lot of kids who come up with their own businesses.”

This interview with Mrs. Danso depicts all the advantages of taking business classes, and shows just how important business is to one’s success in the world beyond High School. Thus, every student should take the time to consider taking a business class, that can deliver endless possibilities.

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