Rest, Relaxation, Relieve: A New Club Offering

The club fair that took place this Friday acted as an informant to the entire student body, relaying details from the myriad of student-run clubs to prospective members. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing many club activities to a standstill, it undoubtedly was a refreshing change of pace to see these groups present on school grounds once more. Many longstanding clubs returned for another year of volunteer work, advocation, and publication (Yes, Warde Focus included!). In addition, a number of fresh offerings emerged in search of membership.

One of the clubs making its first show this year is the Rest, Relaxation, Relieve Club, run by senior Ava Sample. She’s founded this group with a driving purpose in mind: “I want the club to reach out to as many people in the school environment as we can,” she says. “If we’re able to help anyone to feel a little less anxious and a little more comfortable during a year that is completely crazy with this global pandemic, I would be thrilled.”

It’s been in the works for a great deal of time, now; the past couple of years have brought forth a time of stress and general discontent within the student population. Fortunately, from this has sprung forth a desire for change and a means to take it. Ava is beyond thrilled to be taking the first steps towards a more understanding and adaptive school community. “I first started planning [the club] back last year, during the pandemic. It was a time when everyone was very stressed, and didn’t really have something solid to hold on to… the school needed something – the school needed someone, like those in our club – to help these students relax and to promote activities within the school environment.”

The club intends to analyze particular activities known to be beneficial – listening to music, for instance – and brainstorm ways to utilize them to their best in a school setting. It will hopefully be a catalyst towards implementable changes to the Warde student environment, positively impacting students as a result.

If interested, drop by T6 after school on Thursday for the Rest, Relaxation, Relieve Club’s inaugural meeting! From 2:20 to 2:45, join a discussion regarding leadership positions, the upcoming club fair, and more.

Join the Google Classroom! Code: 3tevjwa

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