Senior Spotlight: Sophie Sancho

As the deadline to submit college applications approaches and many Warde seniors frantically complete essays and resumes, it is undoubtedly an extremely stressful time of year. However, I had a chance to sit down with Sophie Sancho, a Warde senior who recently accepted a scholarship to play softball at the University of Bridgeport.


Focus: Congratulations on your scholarship Sophie! How does it feel to be committed to college and already excited for what’s ahead?

Sancho: It feels great! I feel so accomplished and proud looking back on my time at Warde, and while it can be a little tough sometimes “battling senioritis,” I’m looking forward to the next four years at University of Bridgeport.

F: How has the college process differed for someone like yourself, as you entered the college process from an athletic angle?

S: I would say the main difference was that the recruitment process started a lot earlier, and recruitment was at its busiest in the summer. While the college process starts around junior year for most students, I started contacting coaches and sending in videos in my sophomore year. Besides this and having recruiting take place through coaches rather than through admissions offices, though, the processes were pretty similar.

F: What drew you to the University of Bridgeport?

S: Well, the University of Bridgeport really has a lot of the things I was looking for in a school; they have a terrific softball program, have my intended major of sports journalism, and offer great internship opportunities. Also, I’m excited to stay local and play under the softball coach who I’ve formed a great relationship with. It really was a great fit for me and I’m really excited to begin!

F: How have you already begun life as a University of Bridgeport student, it still only being two months into your senior year of high school?

S: The transition has been great! I’ve already found a roommate, and I go to the University nearly every weekend hanging out with the team. I’ve been on campus a lot already, and we already have so many more events planned. It’s really been a great time.

F: Finally, with your time at Warde soon coming to a close, what’s a “Mustang Memory” you’ll never forget?

S: That’s tough…as cliche as it sounds, I’d probably go with winning Battle of the Houses my 10th grade year. Battle is such a great event, and me being an athlete, I’ve had an unbelievable time participating in it for the past three years. But when Townsend won a couple years ago, it was perfect; the school spirit it brings out, the energy every student brings is so contagious and incredible. Battle of the houses is the pinnacle of Warde spirit activities and I’ll never forget it.

F: Thank you so much for taking the time, Sophie, and congratulations again!

S: Thank you!

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