Steven Lewis: King of the Stampede

It’s Friday night at Fairfield Warde High School. It’s homecoming night, and the senior students are excited for the football game to start. “The Stampede,” Warde’s sports student section, is going crazy as the football team rushes onto the field.

At the center of the commotion in the stands is senior student Steven Lewis. 

When Warde scores a touchdown, Steven’s friends lift him up into the air, and the stampede joins in as Steven crowd surfs through the stands.

If there was one person to represent the stampede, it would be Steven. 

“Steven is one of the best fans I know,” says senior Adam Giglietti. “He’s always enthusiastic in leading The Stampede in chants.”

“I love getting the stampede rowdy with all my friends,” Steven said. “I like to get everyone excited for the games and support the teams.” 

Not only does Steven get the crowd going for football and soccer games, he is a varsity lacrosse player as well. As a senior defender, Steven has a prominent role on a gritty team.

“We lost a lot of seniors (last year), but I think the rising seniors and some underclassmen can contribute to a strong season,” Steven said. “We have a lot of potential and are gonna play with a lot of heart this year.”

Warde Lacrosse is an upcoming team with a ton of potential, and they are in a position to have a strong season. After a successful season in 2020-21, Steven and his teammates can’t wait for the spring to come. 

After school, you can find Steven hanging out with his friends, watching TV, or doing homework.

Steven holds an impressive 3.9 GPA and that’s due to his strong work effort in the classroom. 

“I don’t like procrastinating, I stay organized and on top of my work,” Steven said. “I always stay on top of my assignments.”

Steven can’t wait until he can start getting responses from colleges about acceptance. He plans to work very hard to maintain his good qualities in college. He wants to make sure he stays responsible in college while having fun and meeting new people. As for everyone, the first step into going to college is getting in.

“My first goal is to get into a college,” Steven said. I’m excited to meet some fun new people and new friends wherever I go.”

An important part of Steven is how he wants to be remembered. He wants to make a lasting impact on his fellow classmates.

“I just want to be remembered as a good friend, and someone who made people laugh.”

Wherever Steven goes to school, he is going to make sure that he brings his electric fan energy to that school. 

When asked if he is going to bring that energy to his college, Steven is supremely confident.

“Oh, absolutely. I can’t wait.”

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