Substitute teacher engrossed by latest issue of the Warde Focus!

Eyewitness reports indicate that a Warde Substitute teacher spent much of period 4 on Wednesday October 27th, thoroughly enjoying the latest edition of the Warde Focus.

The substitute teacher spent several minutes learning about new teachers, Ms. Smith and Ms. Moore, now in their second years of teaching at FWHS.

Working on the WARDE search seemed to help the substitute teacher pass the time between class assignments.  Finding words such as: Shamrock, Celtic, and Limerick, added a bit of excitement to an otherwise mundane day for the sub.

Reports indicate some confusion was in evidence as the substitute teacher examined the center spread of the paper, a two page collage of timely and up to date images of activities around the school. ¬†“Hmm, seems like leprechauns are very popular Halloween costumes this year,” the sub ruminated, “I wonder why?”

The substitute teacher is also eager to purchase a t-shirt from the Entrepreneur class offering of Fairfield’s Finest t-shirts, which sold out over six months ago.

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