Sushi on Chapel= The Best Dining Experience of Your Life

During the annual trip to Yale’s art museum, AP American Studies students were able to visit local restaurants in New Haven for lunch. A group of 8 decided on Sushi on Chapel, which was later described as “a religious experience” by Gwen Kenny.


Upon first inspection, the restaurant did not seem like a 5-star establishment. The dark stairs leading down to the front door did not ease our anxieties, and neither did the empty chairs. But, when the variety of sushi rolls ordered began to arrive, all our doubts vanished. 


California rolls are a classic when it comes to sushi, but the rolls served here outdid my expectations. Arranged on a stone slab with ginger and wasabi, they had already impressed me. But, the real cherry on top was the purple rice encasing. Most restaurants serve their sushi with plain, white rice, but Sushi on Chapel is not most restaurants. 


However, the real star of the show was the shrimp tempura rolls. 


A seemingly simple dish, this sushi defied all expectations. With shrimp that was fried until perfectly crisp, and thinly sliced cucumber and avocado, this sushi was epic. Covered in rice and edible seaweed, it was described as “the best sushi of [her] life,” by Elissa Sweer. With wide eyes and silenced mouths, those who tried it agreed.


And, for those who don’t enjoy sushi, it’s not the only tasty treat on the menu. Alex Rosenburg, who tried the Torikatsu Raymun (fried chicken, egg, and raymun noodles), said it was “the best fried chicken [he had] ever had.” Never before had I heard that about a Japanese restaurant, but Sushi on Chapel changed a lot for all of us.


Located at 1022 Chapel St in New Haven, Sushi on Chapel will be the best dining experience of your life.

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