Ted Orben and Jeanette Debek: Our Warde TV Anchors

This past Friday, Audrey Burns sat down with Warde TV’s co-anchors Ted Orben and Jeanette Debek to talk about their positions on Warde TV as well as a recent meeting they led with Warde’s freshman class.


Audrey: What is the process of gathering info to talk about on Warde TV?

Ted: Essentially, every Monday we have a meeting that talks about aspects of Warde life, current events, fundraisers, club events etc.

Jeanette: And sometimes we even interview Mr. Ebling to determine what interesting topics should be addressed that week.

Ted: Most often, we gather the most important news from the previous week like sports news for segments like the Mustang Minute and the question of the week.


Audrey: What is it like being co-anchors of Warde TV?

Ted: It’s a really fun experience! We get to co-type the scripts so that collaborative process is really unique.

Jeanette: And being with the same person is great so that the process of gathering info and making sure it gets out there properly is a fluid one.


Audrey: What do you think Warde TV does for the student body?

Ted: Enlightens.

Jeanette: What Ted means, is helping students understand what is going on around them in a fun way.

Ted: It promotes school spirit. And as we have seen in our years at Warde, it is something kids definitely look forward to every Friday, and we hope that continues.


Audrey: And finally, while the sophomores and juniors were taking the PSAT you helped lead a meeting for the Freshman can you tell us a little bit about what that entailed?

Jeanette: Yes! That was a dean-led meeting that we had the opportunity to be a part of, to give advice to the freshman as they adjust to high school.

Ted: We also talked about the most important parts of the Warde acronym: Welcoming, Respectful, and Ethical.

Jeanette: We talked about those can apply to different areas of the school. For example, you can be welcoming in the cafeteria or how you can be respectful when cheering on a sports team and ethical inside and outside the classroom always making sure that students are making the right choices.


Thanks to Ted and Jeanette for their feedback! 

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