The Big Lie

*Some names have been REDACTED for the safety of the author*


Last week, I went to [REDACTED] teachers’ classroom with the intention of asking for extra help in [REDACTED] class. To my surprise, I instead saw a secret meeting between the three class presidents outside of the very public, student government meetings. This smoke screen immediately tinged my curiosity, and perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to listen in. 


At first it was seemingly banal, but after ten minutes or so the [REDACTED] president had started to recount the events of the 2023 election.


They discussed a secret police which had torn down numerous campaign posters after school. I also heard mention of an under the table agreement to control the narrative in the Warde Media, between the campaigns of the senior president and [REDACTED] president . Said agreement included  covering Amogh Ganjikunta, an outsider candidate in the 2023 election, in an exclusively negative light, making derogatory and at times threatening comments about his supporters, and also making Amogh seem like a threat to the peace and safety of Warde. Via fear, not hope they planned to win the 2023 election. 


After hearing this, I was shocked, but at the same time enthralled, and wanted to know the true depth of this conspiracy. To this end, I secretly removed the poster which had covered the window on the outside of [REDACTED] teacher’s door to get a clear view inside of the secret meeting. 


What I saw shocked me to my very core. 


The three student body presidents had every underclassman, and every up and coming freshman’s picture printed out, and in combination with [REDACTED] teacher, discussed which ones would be the future presidents.


 It was what I had always suspected, the presidents had been selected, not elected!


Fellow Warde students, this article is not merely a declaration of indignation, but also a call to action. We can choose to watch as our democracy dies in darkness, or we can do something! We can demand transparency on such a scale it shakes the Warde establishment to its very core.


Without transparency, elections don’t truly matter.  If we don’t have it in the vote collection, counting, and validation process, we live in nothing more than a banana republic, a pathetic imitation of the great ideals of democracy put forth by the Greeks and Romans.


This fight will be neither easy nor quick, but ultimately it will prove to be fruitful. This battle may  not reap rewards for us, but will hold innumerable significance for future generations.


This movement has already started, pushed for by the Moghist’s, a group in support of  Amogh Ganjikunta. This group  pushed for election transparency last  year after the clear rigged presidential election of 2023, but has since fizzled out. It is our duty to reinvigorate that movement – to reinvigorate our democracy.


And to this end, to the establishment, be afraid, be warned for we are coming.

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