Why Don’t As Many Seniors Dress Up Anymore?

The cold air is starting to settle in, the pumpkins are coming out for picking, and the leaves are all over the place. Seniors at Warde are preparing their costumes for senior dress up days. 

Traditions continue this year with seniors dressing up on both Thursday’s and Friday’s. However, not all seniors are participating. Some students have chimed in with their opinions on the dress up days. 

One student that dressed up found it to be fun.

“I’m not sure, I think like a book series or book character day could be cool,” Meg Andrade, class of 2021 said. “It’s a little difficult to get some creative and original ideas because of previous seniors who were amazing, but I like the challenge!” 

However, some found the process to be exhausting, 

“My friends and I found it stressful thinking of ideas for what we could be and thinking of something creative,” Emma Kelly, 2021 Club President said. 

Emma and Meg, along with most of the senior class, struggled to find new ideas to recreate. Switching the dress up days themes could help with that. 

Senior Laney Manware would recommend switching out Decade’s Day with a “throwback day where we dressed up as ourselves when we were little.” This new idea could bring more students to dress up next year. 

Another way to increase the interest of dressing up is to make a short list of fresh new ideas to switch out the least popular themes. Senior Gianna Pulito said she knew that she would have regretted not dressing up for them, and that she knew it would be fun. 

With a different point of view, Julia Simoes, also a senior at Warde, said that she wouldn’t regret not dressing up “because the days weren’t that exciting, I didn’t like them.” She also expressed that her work load was too big and “she didn’t have time to plan it.” 

Class of 2021 Club Advisor, Mr. Saad, shares many of the students’ concerns. 

“Dressing up for school shouldn’t be a stress, that should be your stress reliever,” Saad said. “I want to get that message across. It’s not meant to be another to do list item. It’s more of ‘hey let’s have something to look forward to.” 

 “Senior dress up days are a fun tradition that has been around for a long time and should continue for years to come,” Anya Yaverski, 2021 Club President, said.

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