Winter Aesthetics

Since last season, I’ve changed my mind. Winter is aesthetic… or at least, it can be. As long as you ignore the frostbite, the slush, and the fact that we’re saying goodbye to the sun for at least 3 months, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with either a puffer coat or staying inside.


(Any food that is warm has a reasonable chance of making this list)

Cinnamon Buns
Aesthetic: Whether you’re pulling them out of the oven or from a plastic box, this cinnamon classic is the best experience anyone can have. A diamond may be cool and all, but we all know that cinnamon buns are the only thing that’ll really last forever.
Aesthetic Rating: 5000/10
Reasoning: C.I.N.N.A.M.O.N

Toasted Chestnuts
Aesthetic: The fact they have a whole song about them roasting on an open fire qualifies them as reasonably aesthetic.
Aesthetic: 4/10
Reasoning: The work of finding chestnuts and then roasting them on an open fire is a lot less appealing than the idea of it


As the weather gets colder, everyone starts locking themselves indoors. Since we can’t stand to be alone with our own thoughts, we need something to watch or read-so it might as well be aesthetic

                                                                                                       T.V SHOWS:

Dash & Lily
Aesthetic: A quick binge that feels like a book within a show.
Aesthetic Rating: 50/10
Reasoning: It features New York bookstores and a guy who likes books. Is there anything else you need in a show?


Little Women
Aesthetic: The vibes, wanting to escape to Europe (In the movie, Europe is warm and sepia toned– all 44 countries), and debating homeschooling all hit a little too close to home, especially around early 3rd semester
Aesthetic Rating: 20/10
Reasoning: Trying to convince people (and yourself) that you’re watching for the plot and not to see Timothée Chalamet profess his love on a hill can get tiring, but it’s worth it

The Holiday
Aesthetic: Every time I watch this movie I don’t know if I want to go to England or California (England for the British accents, California for the sun, which is obviously a real predicament)
Aesthetic Rating: 20/10
Reasoning: Yes, Jack Black is attractive in this movie, a true paragon of the female gaze at work


Rebecca, Silent Patient, Verity
Aesthetic/WARNING: If you like the process of trying to decode a mystery and then feeling dumb when the inevitable twist is revealed, as you of course CONFIDENTLY chose the person who was definitely the red herring (which may or may not be my own experience)… these are for you.
Aesthetic Rating: 7.5/10
Reasoning: Killing people is cold (as in dead wrong-or to put it in a non punny way: Not nice) and so is Winter

(We have to do something in the snow besides freeze)

Getting Sick
Aesthetic: The bad part is that you get sick, the good part is you get a guilt free day or two off of school
Aesthetic Rating: 5/10
Reasoning: Sure, there’s ice skating, but no one’s doing that so this is more relatable… and if you have a fever, less cold

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