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*Some names have been REDACTED for the safety of the author*   Last week, I went to [REDACTED] teachers’ classroom with the intention of asking for extra help in [REDACTED] class. To my surprise, I instead saw a secret meeting between the three class presidents outside of the very public, […]

The Big Lie

In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue…and chopped off the hands of the Taíno people when they didn’t produce enough gold for him and his men.    You may have noticed based on your activated alarm clocks this morning, that unlike banks, the bond market and some surrounding school […]

October 9th: A Day of Reflection

Waking up early enough to arrive on time for period one every morning can be difficult. With this reality for Warde students, finding the time to eat breakfast at all can prove challenging. As for eating a balanced one that keeps you full until lunch? Well that can be even […]

Best Breakfast Debate

Forbes has named 2023 the “Year of AI Transformation.” In this new age of AI, including the user-friendly application of ChatGPT, people have been exploring its various features including photo editing, writing and even creating recipes. But as with every innovation introduced to our world, there are questions about the […]

The Place of AI in the Classroom