Chromebook Return Policy – Will Students Ever Have the Same Feelings About 2048 Again?

There has been a recent rumor in terms of how Chromebooks now have to be returned as soon as possible due to the fact that students have been using them more as a “necessity to get through the period” type of device.

Even though this doesn’t pertain to all classes, it has still become a bit too much to handle. Students have used these handy devices to their great advantage, by playing games such as the classic 2048, and of course getting in the daily Netflix or other streaming service whenever possible. Instead of learning, students have been gaming, shopping, or even worse, just staring at a blank screen instead of listening to teachers.

Thanks to the observations made by much of the Warde Staff recently, a new return policy has come into view and will be used for the remainder of the school year.

There are many new changes that students should be aware of, since this new policy will begin within the next few weeks.

This new software system is to be implemented on every Chromebook within the next several week.s The new plan consist of Chromebooks shutting down if someone tries to get on one of the newly blocked websites during school hours. It will then have a notification pop up informing the student that he or she must turn in their Chromebook to the library and go speak to their guidance counselor about what they could do in order to stop themselves from having this recurring issue. Once, he or she has set up and met with their counselors, they have the opportunity to retrieve their Chromebook.

Since so much school work depends on using Chromebooks, students that violate the policy many times will be given a Chromebook that only allows access to more appropriate and necessary websites.

It is understandable that students may have difficulty coping with separation anxiety from their favorite websites, especially if it means having to sit through an entire block trying to concentrate.

If anyone needs assistance throughout this transition, they are encouraged to speak to their guidance counselor or someone in the counseling center.

For now, students are encouraged continue to work towards meeting and achieving the Warde acronym with Chromebook use: being WELCOMING to new information, using them for ACADEMIC purposes, being RESPECTFUL with your use, avoiding DYNAMIC websites during class time, and being ETHICAL with your websites.

This transition may take some time to fully adjust to, but it is all to benefit the student body and encourage learning.

Don’t worry, 2048 will always be there when you get home, so keep away from the arrow keys and write or type instead.

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