New Cafeteria Protocol

As Warde works to increase security at the school, some notable changes have been implementing new strategies such as limiting school entrances, encouraging students to not let people in through the side doors, and restricting lunch in the lobby. Even with this tremendous progress, the school board is still at work coming up with new methods to keep the students safe. This week, the school is implementing a brand new cafeteria safety protocol that they say will benefit both students and teachers.

The current protocol in the cafeteria has staff stationed at both entrances to the cafeteria hallway preventing students from leaving before the block is over so that they don’t create a ruckus in the hallway while classes are in session. This is has been a very useful method, however, with the recent surge in population of the cafeteria, it has become difficult for just one teacher to keep out that many kids at once. This crisis calls for desperate measures.

With help from the Fairfield Police Department, the new cafeteria protocol arms staff with S.W.A.T. issue riot shields to block incoming students. Staff are to be trained in the use of these shields and their special functions in upcoming professional development meetings after school on Tuesdays. The shields come with portable Chromebook chargers, freshmen repellent, and of course, the Warde Safety Cone painted on the front. The new protocol is estimated to keep out 9 out of every 10 students.

There is some concern in regards to the misuse of this protocol in out of cafeteria activities, as Ludlowe tried implementing it into their lunch system but had to shut down the project after their football team stole them to use during games.

A common thought has been that after the purchase of the Chromebooks, financing this security measure will be a true difficulty for the district. There is a solution however: parking at the Freshman-Sophomore dance was offered through valet, the service raising money since many attendees found the valet to be the perfect cherry on top of their magical evening. The option also provided a learning experience for driver’s ed students, making it that much more exciting.

This new installment to cafeteria protocol will pave the way for new innovative ideas for our school system. During a year of new and experimental changes for Warde, it is important to keep working to come up with new ideas to make Mr. Ebling’s last year at Warde truly memorable. With that, students are advised to cooperate with cafeteria rules and not ask Fairfield Police for a battering ram.

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