Ethan Weisblatt

As Warde works to increase security at the school, some notable changes have been implementing new strategies such as limiting school entrances, encouraging students to not let people in through the side doors, and restricting lunch in the lobby. Even with this tremendous progress, the school board is still at […]

New Cafeteria Protocol

We’ve just entered the third term of the school year, wrapping up the first half year courses from term one and two. One of these courses included Acting, most commonly populated by the class of 2019. Members of this class have been part of many theater productions here at Warde, […]

The End Of An Acting Era

  It is a common misconception among Fairfield Warde High School students that “only Fairfield Woods Middle School has tunnels in its basement,” and, “The Warde Tunnels are just an urban myth.” As of today, everyone’s going to know the truth. In early October, I was asked by the advisor […]

The Warde Catacombs