College Coming Near, Teachers and Students Give Advice

Photo Creds: Pandora Kerma

College visits are a great part for the last few years of high school and a chance for seniors and juniors to get an understanding of the college life.

These students would get a chance in observing how college function; the life without the pressure of  persistent mandates of teachers and parents.

For our seniors and juniors these next few months are going to be mostly about college, so we have some tips from our very own guidance counselors and college and career center to help you get the most out of your college visits.

The first tip from our own guidance counselors is to ask tons of questions to them and to the colleges you want to visit. If you don’t know –  don’t assume. It is also vital to branch out more in your options for colleges. Do not pick brand names. You would not know which colleges give more fundamental to your interests, even if it may be a smaller school.

Photo Creds: Pandora Kerma

College Merchandise

You should also make time for multiple visits, even if you aren’t sure if it is the right college for you, be more active. Most importantly, talk to a counselor or a trusted adult. You should know that you aren’t totally alone in this huge change from high school to college.

Not only is advice from teachers important, but students as well.

Juniors and seniors described their college experience being different from what actually comes to mind. They gave tips that would help students now since they are also the ones being introduced to this new idea of college.

When one is going to visit colleges, make sure you pay close attention to the tour guides and your surroundings. This is important because the college environment and its personnel really can show what kind of college it is and the personality of it.

People thinking about visiting colleges should ask questions about the college to people that have gone/or go to that specific college. This is important because some colleges don’t give the full information that really isn’t special or important to all students. Having a primary source of the college you want to go to is a very good idea.

One should also should ask many questions about their specific college, like the workload and the specific classes. Most importantly, you should be doing your homework and paying attention to your classes now in high school, because these good behaviors carry on to college.

“Colleges are going to assume you’re paying attention and do what you have to do,” says Townsend Guidance Counselor, Mr. Johnson.

When you are thinking about visiting colleges, you should think of the right college as an investment, like buying a car or a home. You should be savvy about it, as well as be independent and really explore the options that are given out to you.

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