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The Rotating Clock of Fashion

With the start of the new decade, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the previous ones. As the clock rotates, pop culture takes bits and pieces from past favorites with a modern spoof.


Jackie Kennedy influencing the fashion of the 1960’s with her iconic boxy suit.

In the beginning of the 1960’s, professional delicacy and business wear became popular due to people like Jacqueline Kennedy and Frank Sinatra.

As the 60’s went on, bolder styles came into trend such as the mini-skirt and Space Age fashion which had a boxy silhouette and materials like Spandex and Nylon. 

Hippie and Bohemian styles became popular by the end of this decade with tie dye, bell bottoms, corduroy, and flower patches. Traditional masculine fashion norms were beginning to dissipate. Cuts, colors, and prints that were previously only seen in women’s clothing were introduced in the Peacock Revolution.


The 1970’s was a Post-Woodstock, free living time which included apparel such as headbands, jumpsuits, frayed jeans and bell bottoms. Those who didn’t go for the hippie look often chose a casual dressy wardrobe. 

However, most people think of the end of the decade style when referring to the 70’s: DISCO! This was the popularization of tube tops, spandex shorts, chunky heels, sequined shirts, tracksuits, and low top sneakers. Aside from that, clothing became baggier and more relaxed with earthy tones.


Everything was bigger and better in the 80’s: bigger hair, bigger shoulder pads, and bigger and baggier clothing. The decade began very casual and minimalistic but as time went on, fashion turned into statement styles. Bulky sweaters, nylon jackets, and Levis.

As women were establishing themselves in the traditionally male-dominated force, Power Dressing became the big wave with professional business looks.

There were various styles from the messy chic with Madonna, to te athleisure with tracksuits and leg warmers, and the preppy look; often associated with wealthy teenagers who wore clothes like Argyle sweaters and Polos.


90’s styles ranged from Grunge and Preppy to Punk and Hip-Hop. The most popular clothing colors were blue, green, orange, pink and yellow, inspired by comic books and pop art.

Towards the beginning of the decade, common looks for women included crop tops, baby-doll dresses over leggings, and leather jackets. Men often wore bright t-shirts, overalls, striped sweaters, and leather or letterman jackets.

By the mid 1990’s, fashion became more polished and form fitting such as pantsuits and slip dresses. Deriving from the 1970’s, the disco look brought clothes such as leather pants, halter tops, and platform shoes as well as animal prints, Hawaiian patterns, and other bold designs.

The film, Clueless, shows the different fashion of the 1990’s through the school’s stereotypical friend groups. This image represents how much of a must-have plaid was.


As recent as it seems, the 2000’s was twenty years ago. Crazy, right? The new technology inspired color palettes filled with reflective metallic and shiny black tones. 

By the mid-2000’s, fashion took cues from the Bohemian 1960’s look which created attire such as yoga pants, peasant tops, light wash boot-cut jeans, and platform boots.

“It” items such as Von Dutch trucker hats, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and Louis Vuitton bags defined the decade. The 1980’s and 1990’s rivalry reintroduced styles like neon colors, animal prints, and light denim leggings while denim was the must have.

Music greatly inspired fashion lines as well. Hip-Hop came from rappers opening up their clothing lines, Emo coming from Punk music, and Scene influenced by Indie. Although there were various styles, Streetwear and Athleisure were the typical fashion of the decade.


So if the 2010’s were filled with styles from previous decades such as boho chic from the 70’s, grunge from the 90’s, athleisure from the 00’s, then what will 2020 be? 

2020 fashion trends based off the runway

Based off of Runway Fashion, the suit look will continue on as fringe and ruffles are coming back in style as seen through New York Fashion Week. 2020 is the year for [faux] leather, whether colorful or neutral toned. The coat dress is going to be POPPING in the 2020 markets for the classic lazy yet stylish outfit. Bell bottoms and prints from the 70’s are coming back better than before. Most importantly, 2019 was the year for leopard print yet, (as terrifying as this sounds), polka dots may be the next essential pattern.

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