I Forced a Bot To Listen to 1000 Hours of The Intercom Announcements and Then Write Its Own

There is tone through the halls, THE STUDENTS run to their sectors. It is quiet. Pause for the beep. There are two beeps.

MALE STUDENT: Hello Morning Fairfield Warde, please stand for the daily oath.

THE STUDENTS clang upwards, they bump knees and grab their chests.

MALE STUDENT pauses for the bumping knees. THE STUDENTS and MALE STUDENT chant together. The sound is damp.

MALE STUDENT: (like poet) I say my pledge, to the allegiance, for the United States The Americas. To the Republican, for that to stance. One country, underneath, individual with library for everyone. Amen.

THE STUDENTS slosh back to their seats, they wait for FEMALE VOICE.

FEMALE VOICE: (chirpy)  Today there will be a council for the people who want to tennis.

FEMALE VOICE pauses for tennis.

FEMALE VOICE: (cont.) There will be badminton in the school forever. There is only tennis in the room F60. Interesting students please come to find information.

THE STUDENTS consider badminton. It is forever.

MALE AND FEMALE STUDENT: (like bird) Thank you, have a great-

Suddenly, there is MR. EBLING. He has to say too. THE STUDENT slant, waiting for the president of school.

MR. EBLING: Today we hang the “Good Flag” for all the students who did good. We are more proud than badminton.

THE STUDENTS are touched. He loves badminton.

MR. EBLING: (cont.) Thank again and have a good day to all the students.

The house clicks with the phone. THE STUDENTS wait for another announcement but it is over. There is another beep.

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